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Our products are all packed in our attractive, high-impact packaging with different blade series’ having their own, unique design that ties in to a common theme, whilst still offering clear and easy identification.


Curved Blades (CB)

Our Curved blades are recommended for fitment to several vehicle applications such as the Audi A2, that have extremely curved, aerodynamic windscreens and should be paired with an executive blade (EB).

Curved blades are supplied in our classic, yellow boxes.


Commercial Blades (CV)

C.V. blades are our heavy-duty wiper blades which cover the majority of popular commercial, agricultural, industrial and public service applications.

C.V. blades are supplied in sleek yellow boxes with red, black & grey highlights.


Executive Blades (EB)

Executive blades feature a steel frame that is 20% thicker than our premium blade range and are suitable for vehicles with a standard hook wiper arm.

Executive blades are packed in our stylish blue-silver faded box, with a water-droplet effect.


Exact Fit Blades (EF)

Our exact fit wiper blades incorporate a smooth, sleek spoiler to eliminate wind lift and wind noise at high speeds which in-turn, improves performance.

Exact Fit blades are supplied in high-impact gloss green-silver fade colour boxes with a matching gloss sleeve.


Exact Fit Special Blades (EFS)

Our exact fit special blades consist of both traditional metal style blades with a vehicle-specific style, as well as traditional blades with integrated spray jets for direct OE replacement.

Exact Fit special blades are supplied in green-silver fade colour boxes.


Hybrid Blades (HB)

Combining the performance of a traditional blade with the aerodynamic properties of a jointless blade, our hybrid blades feature a metal frame consisting of multiple pressure points with integrated plastic spoiler housing which covers the complete length of the blade.

Hybrid blades are supplied in a high-quality green-silver fade box, with a special ‘Z’ shaped ladder inside that holds the connector at the top of the box.


Premium Blades (PB)

Premium blades are our universal, traditional metal-style wiper blades that cover applications which utilise the ‘hook’ fitment as well as various vehicles that use older wiper arm fitments.

Premium blades are supplied in our classic, yellow boxes with a water-droplet finish.


Rear Blades (RB)

Our rear blades are direct replacements for both the plastic & jointless blades that are fitted as OE on the rear screen of most modern vehicles.

Our plastic rear blades are supplied in our ‘Blades Yellow’ box & our jointless rear blades are supplied in a green-silver fade box.


Rear Blades & Arms (RBA)

Rear blades & arms are an extension of the RB range, these also fit the rear screen but are in fact a complete rear blade with wiper arm set.

Rear blades & arms are supplied in a classical, yellow gloss-coated box.


Spoiler Blades (SB)

Our spoiler blades are manufactured to the same high-quality standard as our executive wiper blades, but also feature a deep spoiler which helps improve performance and reduce wind-lift at high speeds.

Spoiler blades are packed in a unique & stylish silver box.


Twin Packs (TP)

Our twin packs are a pair of direct OE replacement front windscreen wiper blades that are available for many popular vehicle applications.

Twin packs are supplied in a high-quality gloss colour box, with a clear plastic tray holding the blades in place to prevent any damage to the rubber.


Wiper Refills (WR)

Our universal rubber refills are used for replacing the rubber insert in traditional metal and plastic rear wiper blades, saving the cost of replacing the whole wiper blade.

Refills are supplied in an updated design of our previous yellow box, which contains 10 polybagged pairs.

Washer Pumps

Our wide array of windscreen and headlamp washer pumps are available as both universal & direct OE replacements, covering the majority of 12v & 24v applications.

Most of the range is supplied in clam-shell blisters with a BLADES branded header card, but the larger products are supplied in robust white boxes with a branded colour label.