Frequently Asked Questions


I can’t find a particular application in the database, or I believe that the database is wrong – what should I do?

Although we pride ourselves on having perhaps the most comprehensive and up to date wiper blades catalogue available in the aftermarket, we do accept that sometimes there may be inaccurate or obsolete information within the database. If you believe that the database contains an error, or you have an update for a new vehicle, then we welcome all feedback. Please click here to contact us.


What Is The Difference Between Traditional Wiper Blades And Aero Wiper Blades?

Traditional wiper blades are made up of a metal frame, with linkages and rubber wiper insert that cleans the screen. They have been fitted as standard on nearly all cars for many years up until recently.
Aero wiper blades (sometimes called flat blades or beam blades) are a more modern design of blade, that are increasingly being fitted as standard to new vehicles. Instead of different parts and linkages, they contain one tensioned steel strip so the blade hugs the windscreen with even pressure along the whole length of the screen
If a vehicle has aero blades fitted as standard then they can only be replaced with our Exact Fit Aero Blades. If a vehicle has traditional wiper blades fitted, then they can be replaced with traditional blades or instead upgraded to modern aero blade technology with our Universal Fit Aero Blades.


Your database lists a different size wiper to the one currently fitted to the car – why?

Sometimes we may list a different size blade to the one currently found on a vehicle. This can be for a number of reasons – for example, sometimes the original blade might be an odd length and we list a blade that is slightly longer or slightly shorter that we have checked still fits and functions without any problems. Or it could be something as simple as a previous owner fitting the wrong size of blade!

Although we pride ourselves on having a comprehensive, up to date catalogue, we always recommend checking the length and adaptor of the current blades, and comparing these to the adaptor photographs and fitting instructions on our website before buying. If you are unsure about which wiper blades are correct then please contact us.


Still got questions?

If you still have a question that is not answered above, then please do not hesitate to Contact Us