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Wiper Blade Maintenance

To ensure that you get the best performance and optimum lifespan from your new wiper blades, we recommend the following maintenance tips:

  • Ensure that your windscreen and the wiper blade rubber edge are cleaned regularly of all dirt and traffic deposits. Clean them using a specialist window cleaner or methylated spirits. Do not use household detergents (e.g. bleach, washing up liquid) to clean them as this can damage the blade rubber and may damage paintwork if it lands on the car body.
  • Check the wiper blade rubber and bridges periodically for signs of deterioration. Even if the blades are not used regularly, U.V. light from the sun as well as frost and ice can damage the rubber, wearing them out.
  • Ensure that your washer bottle is topped up regularly to allow you to clean your windscreen whilst driving. Never try to use your windscreen washers when the washer bottle is empty, as this can severely damage the washer pump.
  • Never use your windscreen wipers to clear build ups of snow and ice from the windscreen. This can severely damage the wiper blade rubber, and place unnecessary strain on the wiper blade, arm, and motor, causing them to break.

Ineffective wiper blades will cause poor visibility, dangerous driving conditions, and M.O.T. failure!